CPE Requirements and License Renewals for PA CPAs

timeIt’s a classic tale: The cobbler’s children have no shoes. As a CPA, you may find yourself in the same situation as the reporting deadline approaches. You’re meeting filing deadlines and reminding clients to save paperwork. Meanwhile, you must complete your CPE requirements and renew your CPA license.

Perhaps you haven’t procrastinated. That’s great! But, just in case, here are some helpful tools that will have you toasting a productive new year on Dec. 31 instead of attending CPE courses.

Pennsylvania CPAs must earn 80 hours of CPE between Jan. 1, 2012, and Dec. 31, 2013. Check out our At-a-Glance schedule for requirements pertaining to New Jersey, Government Accountability Office (Yellow Book), and the AICPA. Different certifications have different requirements. Make sure to confirm requirements for those certifications with the appropriate issuing body.

The newest addition to the traditional 80 hours is ethics. Yes, the ethics requirement is official this reporting period.

So this is what you need:

  • 16 hours of A&A
  • 8 hours of tax
  • 4 hours of ethics

If you’ve yet to fulfill your ethics credits, the PICPA offers dozens of ethics webinars, seminars, and on-demand courses.

Log in to My Account to check your CPE History. All the courses you’ve attended with the PICPA will be listed, along with the credits you’ve earned. Still need credits? Here are some quick, inexpensive ways to earn them:

Our course catalog is searchable by topic and credit type. You can see your results based on in-person, webinar, or on-demand categories. Several conferences still remain, including the Accounting & Auditing Conference, at which you can achieve all 8 hours of your A&A requirement.

leadershipCPEIf you’re short on time and your schedule’s packed, consider PICPA’s new On-Demand CPE. You can download a CPE session, watch the presentation, take the accompanying test, and earn credits immediately. Take your CPE with you to the soccer field, doctor’s office, or wherever you can squeeze in an hour of learning. PICPA On-Demand courses qualify as interactive individual/self-study. Pennsylvania CPAs may earn up to 40 credits in a reporting period using self-study.

Call the PICPA at (215) 496-9272 or (888) 272-2001 if you have questions or would like help selecting courses.

In closing, a word about your CPA license: It won’t renew itself. Make sure you finalize all renewal steps by Dec. 31, 2013.

Please check out these helpful links to make the renewal process easier:

The PICPA is an approved sponsor of CPE programs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York:

  • Pennsylvania State Board of Accountancy Sponsor Number PX000490L
  • New Jersey State Board of Accountancy Sponsor Number 20CE00027000
  • New York State Board of Accountancy Sponsor Number 002218

6 responses to “CPE Requirements and License Renewals for PA CPAs

  1. Hi,

    I’m a first time CPE’er and I got a bit lost in the whole process – I completed what I thought was all of my CPE hours a few weeks ago through mostly self-study but now I was told only 50% can count from self-study in Pennsylvania! I feel like this is overlooked by a lot of people as everyone talks about the 16 hours of tax, 8 hours of A&A, 4 hours of ethics but no one mentions the self-study limit. Now I am scrambling to find 16 hours of webinars or seminars that are available nights and weekends because I am not available during the day. Any advice here would be appreciated!

  2. Hi Jason, thanks for you comment. Congratulations on almost completing your requirements. The process can be a little challenging to navigate and it’s a bummer that you have to find another 16 hours because of the self-study limit. You make a great point that we don’t often talk about that limit, so I updated the blog/ You are limited to 40 hours of self-study in a reporting period. Since you’ve already maxed on on self-study, the best suggestion I have is to fit in some one or two hour webinars during lunch. PICPA currently has 274 webinars scheduled from now until the end of the year. If you navigate to our course catalog at http://www.picpa.org/Aptify/Meetings/MeetingSearch.aspx. When you select the webinar tab, you can see the topics, credits, and times. I hope this helps!

  3. Just an fyi, while the article is correct, the summary email shows that we need 8 A&A and 16 tax (eithics 4 is correct). Just want to avoid confusion for some.

  4. As you know, it should be 16 A&A, 8 tax and 4 ethics

  5. Sharon is correct, my typo. Thank you Lori, I am signing up for two Saturday classes now! I don’t remember seeing these last year.

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